Terms & Conditions

 General Terms and Conditions

All lots may be subject to a reserve price, which will only be confirmed at the end of the auction.

Should there be no reserve price on a lot, the highest bidder shall be the buyer.

Should there be any dispute between two or more buyers, the lot shall be put up for auction again or Auction Giant may declare the buyer at their absolute discretion. 

If a bid is placed during the last five minutes of an auction, the auction will be extended for a further two minutes, and will keep on extending by two minutes each time a bid is placed.

Auction Giant has the discretion to stop an auction or to withdraw a lot, at any time, without providing reasons. 

Should a technical error occur before an auction ends, Auction Giant may decide to extend the auction at their absolute discretion.

The risk of items sold, shall pass on to the buyer immediately after the auction has ended. Auction Giant will secure all items in the same way to the best of their ability, and shall not be liable for any items stolen, damaged or destroyed before the buyer has collected them. 

Payment options

  • EFT Payment ~ Make a direct transfer into our bank account after placing an order. Please use your order number as a reference. 
  • Cash upon Collecting ~ Pay with cash when collecting.

Full payments should be received within 5 days after auction has ended. Should a buyer fail to make payment within 5 days, items will be forfeited and buyer will be blocked from bidding again. 

Courier / Collection

  • Collection ~ Collection may take place during our trading hours:

Mondays to Fridays: 8am – 5pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: 8am – 2pm

When collecting, buyer should bring along a (printed or electronic) copy of their order. If a buyer is sending a representative to collect their order on their behalf, they should inform Auction Giant via WhatsApp or E-Mail.

Items should be collected within 30 days after auction has ended, or alternative arrangements should be made with Auction Giant via WhatsApp or E-Mail. 

  • Courier ~ Payments made for items won on auction do not include courier costs. Courier cost will be for buyer’s own account.

Should a buyer want Auction Giant to arrange courier for their items, they should inform Auction Giant through WhatsApp or E-Mail. Auction Giant will then send a quote for courier, and arrange courier within 7 days after payment for courier has been received.

Buyer may arrange their own courier. In this case, Auction Giant should be notified (through WhatsApp or E-Mail) at least 2 days in advance in order to package items.

Items will only be released once full payment is received.

Refunds / Returns

No refunds or returns are allowed. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that they are happy with the condition of the item before placing a bid.

All bids placed are final and may not be canceled.

Auction Giant will describe an item’s condition to the best of their ability, and shall not be liable for any error or misstatement made in the description of an item. Each photo of an item will also form part of it’s description.

Should an item be damaged during courier, Auction Giant should not be expected to refund the buyer. Auction Giant will package items to the best of their ability and may not be held responsible for any damages occurred during courier.

Automatic Bidding

A buyer can enter the maximum they are willing to pay for an item. Auction Giant’s system will then bid on the buyer’s behalf, with the smallest amount possible every time. 

Once the buyer has reached their maximum limit, they will be notified via E-Mail and Auction Giant will no longer bid on behalf of them, unless they set up a new automatic bid.

In the case of two buyers placing the same maximum bid, the bid received first will be accepted and be deemed the leading bid